Improving Transport Infrastructure And Services Across Central Europe


Lead Partner:

Veneto Region, Italy


11/2008 – 07/2012

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For almost four years, the project SoNorA addressed the multimodal accessibility within North-South connections between the Baltic and Adriatic Sea. SoNorA brought together 25 partners from six different countries and 34 associated institutions, building a network to strengthen freight transport axes and connections, creating a highly efficient transport network and fostering economic development within central Europe.

BSR Transgovernance
The increasing importance of mid and east Europe with its high number of capitals and agglomerations, a strongly increasing volume of (freight) transport as well as intensified economic cooperation are indicators for great development potential and crucial for successful European integration.

SoNorA tackled these challenges by deep analysis and creation of case studies. The main results of SoNorA are listed below:

  1. Optimising transport network flows by performing a number of investigations e.g. a description of the SoNorA base network, an overview of persistent bottlenecks, a description of intermodal connections and development priorities for intermodal infrastructure in the SoNorA network or the development of future infrastructure scenarios for 2020 and 2030. With focus to the Western leg of the South-North-Axis an analysis of railway axis Rostock-Berlin-Trieste was performed, focusing on the Western leg of the South-North-Axis describing nodes and major railway links in more detail and developing scenarios for 2020, 2025 and 2030+.

  2. The SONORA Position Paper on TEN-T Policy Review and Green Paper accompanied by a comprehensive argumentation paper that was widely acknowledged by the Commission was released in 2010, providing a wide range of modifications on selection criteria.

  3. Removing obstacles for infrastructure realisation through preparation of pre- investment and pre- feasibility studies.

  4. Activating logistic services along transport axis. The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau created an evaluation tool for destinations (SoNorA routing tool).

  5. For the evaluation of intermodal freight nodes and networks, creation of transnational guidelines and business cases for new logistics services.

  6. Establishing a transnational cooperation platform.

With these results, SoNorA paved the way for establishing strategic cooperation between transport corridors, improved connections as well as strengthening national and regional networks.


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  • EU Fonds: 246 million Euro

  • Participating states: Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine


  • Facilitating innovation across Central Europe

  • Improving accessibility to and within Central Europe

  • Using our environment responsibly

  • Enhancing competitiveness and attractiveness of cities and regions