Akershus County Council

The early mover into a green and electrifying future of mobility

Hammering Man in front of Skedsmo Town hall, Lilleström. Photo: Akershus County Council

Akershus County Council is a regional elected body with responsibilities in areas such as education, transport, planning, environment and business development.

Akershus is often referred to as "the green belt of Oslo", surrounding Norway's capital both in the west, east and north. Although Akershus has a relatively small geographic area (4,918 square kilometres), is among the largest counties in Norway in terms of population. Akershus consists of 22 municipalities and has a total population of 605,000 inhabitants. The municipalities range from 3,000 to 125,000 inhabitants, the biggest ones being Bærum, Asker and Skedsmo.

The County Council’s Department of Transport is responsible for transportation planning, county roads, public transport, transport permits and transportation service for the disabled. Akershus County Council has climate and environment responsibilities in the areas of improved water quality, policy for agricultural, forestry and common grazing areas, fish and wildlife management, and facilitation of alternative fuels. Akershus is already the county in Norway with the highest density of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and has committed itself to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent of the 1990-levels by 2030. Akershus is also an early introducer of hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations.

Picture: Ms. Anette Solli.  (Photo: ACC)

The County Mayor of Akershus is Anette Marie Solli, representing the Conservative Party. She speaks warmly about the interregional collaboration:

”Akershus has high ambitions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a shift towards zero emission transport. We are depending on a close cooperation with our neighbouring regions in Norway and internationally to reach our goals. I believe that Scandria2Act is an important project to strengthen the regional collaboration and to foster the use of clean fuels throughout the Scandria®Corridor”.


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