Skane Association of Local Authorities

Networking for clean vehicle fleet in latest 2050

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Skåne Association of Local Authorities (Kommunförbundet Skåne, KFSK) is the lead organisation for the 33 local authorities (municipalities) in the most southern region in Sweden: Skåne.
The municipalities range from 7 000 to 300 000 inhabitants, with the biggest ones being Malmö, Helsingborg and Lund, and represent a total population of 1,3 million.

As one of the departments, Skåne Energy Agency works to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy.
They fulfil this task through coordination and interaction, building networks and providing inspiration so that the municipalities benefit from common strengths and by learning from each other.

Skåne Association of Local Authorities follow the Swedish ambition for a fossil fuel independent vehicle fleet in 2050. However, through the joint undertaking “Fossil fuel independent Skåne 2020” the goal is to reach the independency much faster.
Within the role as a regional energy agency we initiate and coordinate various types of networks, run projects with regional, national or European funding and disseminate knowledge and experience through seminars and conferences.

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“Our greatest challenge ahead is the transport sector where clean fuel is a solution in order to create a sustainable society and green jobs in our region.”

Petter Forkstam, chairman of the board of the department Skåne Energy Agency, as well as chairman of the political environmental committee in Lund municipality.

Within Scandria®2Act, Skåne Association of Local Authorities is closely collaborating with Region Skåne and RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden on providing extensive Swedish knowledge to the project partnership. They are responsible for assessing clean fuel deployment experience in the Scandria®2Act corridor regions with regard to finance models for investments in clean fuel infrastructure, the concept of and knowhow about multifuel refueling station and best practice within electric mobility in city logistics.

Contact / Further information:

Anna Tibbelin, project manager   
Skåne Energy Agency at Skåne Association of Local Authorities   
+46 (0) 728 - 85 49 16
Gasverksgatan 3a, Lund, Sweden



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