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Better integrating different transport modes by comprehensive planning

The Öresundsbridge
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An accessible and environmentally sustainable transport system that meets the requirements of passengers and industry gives common gains that are to the benefit of society. This is what we do at Trafikverket, or the Swedish Transport Administration as it is called in English – we help to develop society.

The Swedish Transport Administration has approximately 6,800 employees and is responsible for the overall long-term infrastructure planning of road, rail, sea and air transport. Our assignment also includes the construction, operation and maintenance of state roads and railways. We are developers of society and we plan ahead for a holistic integration of the entire transport system.

The overall means of directing how Trafikverket develop the Swedish transport system are the transport policy goals. We provide the conditions for ensuring that all transportation and travel is conducted in the best and safest way, regardless of where you live - with respect to the environment and health.

We also work with long-term infrastructure planning in close dialogue with regions and municipalities and the surrounding countries. The fact that we do this in cooperation with other players in society means that we cooperate on needs, priorities and solutions on all levels.

Lennart Andersson.
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”The transport planning process has to become more multi-modal and comprehensive while it requires up to date tools and data in order to attain this goals.
Recently, an enhanced cooperation on national level between Denmark and The Swedish Transport Administration is started, that will develop extensive common forecasts of road and rail traffic across the Öresund. This kind of cooperation will constitute a good basis for consensus on future needs and challenges, giving us alternatives on how we can tackle them.
Common basis for the transport planning process supporting a better integration of different transport modes at all levels will definitively enable the possibilities for modal shift in the Scandria®Corridor.” says Lennart Andersson, director for The Swedish Transport Administration region south with operational responsibility for Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Blekinge and Skåne Counties.

Within Scandria®2Act, The Swedish Transport Administration region south is closely collaborating not only with the western region of the Swedish Transport Administration but also with Skåne Region, aiming to update the information on freight traffic through the Swedish ports. These will disclose the infrastructure needs and gaps related to the ports in the northern parts of the Scandria®Corridor aiming in the same time to develop a mobility which is safe, sustainable, energy-efficient and respectful for the people and environment.
We want everyone to arrive in a smooth, green and secure way.

Contact / Further information:

Sorin Sima
International coordinator
Swedish Transport Administration region south
+46 10 123 33 77
Björkhemsvägen 17, SE-291 25 Kristianstad Sweden



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