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01 July 2021

Join the Community - Become FRIENDS of OPEN ENLoCC

Be it InterGreen-Nodes, COMODALCE or CORCAP: Through projects like these, strategies, demonstrators and innovations are developed in close collaboration with the partners and regions involved. But what happens after the collaboration? Often, when a project is completed, contacts freeze and a new opportunity is awaited.

To give continuity to the results of the projects as well as to refresh and maintain the relationships, OPEN ENLoCC (European Network of Logistics Competence Centers) provides an ideal platform. As an open network of regional logistics competence centers in the freight transport and logistics sector, operated by public authorities or similar institutions, Giuseppe Luppino, as chairman, leads the international exchange of experience and knowledge among its participants and promotes cooperation with European institutions at a higher level.

Through the cross-interface content of the projects, OPEN ENLoCC members engage the regional economy through solutions to infrastructural, organizational and technological problems of logistics and transportation. By involving key political and logistic actors, the results of the network activities and best practices are highly appreciated.

In order to keep alive what has been created in the last years, the OPEN ENLoCC members have decided, according to the decision of the last General Assembly in 2021, to create a parallel community for all organizations dealing with freight transport and logistics with regional relevance.

For this, OPEN ENLoCC aims to create a community of organizations (non-members of the network) to:

  • Give continuity to the #Transport4Cohesion position paper, submitted by more than 170 Organizations in Europe to give continuity to the Transport policy in INTERREG;
  • Exchange experience in the freight transport topic at regional level;
  • Create a database of freight-transport-related organizations;
  • Activate new synergies between Members and non Members;
  • Support the development of new INTERREG Programmes;
  • Support the development of the MACRO REGION STRATEGIES.

OPEN ENLoCC invites other regional competence centers in the logistics sector to join the international exchange of regional experience and knowledge.

Join for free here.

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