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05 October 2018

EU Agency for Railways

The Agency published its final report on how to facilitate combined transport along the networks of the Union rail system.


Combined Transport will be crucial to achieving the so-called “co-modal” approach, in which the different modes of transport shall be considered as a whole, rather than individually. In that respect, rail has the challenge to play the most important role in the ‘Combined Transport’ chain, in order to reduce the share of long-distance road transport by shifting part of it to other lower emission modes, in line with the EU’s transport policy.

The Agency launched a Task Force in November 2017, following a workshop on Combined Transport held in Lille on 13 June 2017, with the aim of drafting a report on the topics to be addressed within the EU legislation and European standardisation on railways; the desirable outcome was to facilitate Combined Transport along the networks of the Union rail system.

The final report on Facilitation of Combined Transport is now available.

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