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Scandria®2Act turns Scandria®Alliance

Scandria®Alliance will continue to work with valuable Scandria®2Act contributions

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Scandria®Alliance launched on 5th March 2019 during first meeting of general assembly

In the evening before the Conference: Regions, Corridors and Urban Nodes – Competences, Capitalisation and Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, the founding members of the Scandria®Alliance came together for a first informal General Assembly meeting on 5 March, 2019 upon invitation of Minister for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Federal State of Brandenburg Kathrin Schneider as its first Chairperson.
Minister Schneider launched the Scandria®Alliance that is based on an Alliance agreement of the six founding members Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, City of Turku, Region Örebro County, Eastern Norway County Network, Region Skåne and Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg signed in July 2018.

She presented the thematic focus for the Alliance as

  • promotion of harmonised clean fuel deployment in Scandria®Corridor,
  • multimodal transport in growing urban nodes,
  • further exchange to trends like digitalisation, cross-border infrastructure and corridor development for the benefit of the cooperating regions

The attending European Coordinators Pat Cox, Catherine Trautmann and Anne E. Jensen welcomed the launch of the Scandria®Alliance and stressed the importance of such platforms for cross border cooperation. It could serve as a tool to close main bottlenecks and missing links.

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 Topics 1

Harmonised clean fuel deployment and green mobility solutions

The Scandria®2Act Clean Fuel Deployment Strategy as well as an assessment of regional experiences proved the need for a more coordinated development of clean fuels along the Scandria®Corridor to achieve ambitious climate goals and to make the technologies working in a corridor environment. This was confirmed during the Scandria®2Act Corridor Roadshow events in Malmö, Lilleström and Berlin.

Thus, the harmonised clean fuel deployment and appropriate infrastructure in the Scandria®Corridor is a clear ambition of the Scandria®Alliance, more specifically adressing topics like incentives and financing of multifuel deployment, monitoring of national, regional and local strategies, cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration or participation, observation and coordination of new projects.

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 Topics 2

Efficient infrastructure and terminals for greener transport

In early 2019, Skanetrafiken, VBB Berlin-Brandenburg and Rejseplanen released updated travel planners online and as apps that had been extended by transnational and cross-border functionalities for purchasing tickets and providing real time information on disturbances in the transport system - an information that is very valuable across the Öresund. More recently, the multimodal system report - a comprehensive overview of freight flows in the Scandria®Corridor, reports on framework conditions for multimodal transport (i.e. shipper needs, business modells and SECA regulations in the Baltic Sea) and case studies on market ready multimodal transport services, providing profound prerequisites to set-up new multimodal services in the corridor have been published.

Upon these, the Scandria®Alliance will continue to foster environmentally friendly and flexible freight and passenger transport and shift to green transport in the Scandria®Corridor. The focus shall be on logistics solutions for freight and passenger transport in rural and urban areas, connecting urban nodes in the Scandria®Corridor comprising topics such as multimodal transport of freight and passengers, integration of multimodal and multifuel infrastructure in spatial plans, transnational strategies and collaboration and participation, observation and coordination of new projects.

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Topics 3

Closing gaps, removing bottlenecks and connecting the dots

Within Scandria®2Act, partners organised node dialogues to evaluate their needs and common interests in relation to the corridor development wrapped up in a final status report and a Scandria®Alliance work plan.

In future, partners will increasingly act together, to improve access to markets throughout Europe and to further expand the Scandria®Corridor network. This shall be achieved by a multi-level-governance approach across borders and sectors involving decision makers and financing sources.

Major topics will be strategies for “missing links” in the Scandria®Corridor, lessons learnt from Scandria®2Act project, financial instruments, governance, cooperation with stakeholders or planning and prioritisation of new infrastructure projects.

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Topics 4

Automatisation and intelligent transport systems (ITS)

Partner furthermore agreed to intesnify cooperation on faster, simpler and more efficient transport through data-based mobility concepts reducing emissions of air pollutants in the Scandria®Corridor with a focus on autonomous vehicles, optimisation of traffic flow and safety.

Activities shall concentrate on improved transport information and ticketing, research and development (R&D), best practice examples as well as seminars with regard to new technologies in this field.

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