27 November 2018

Innovative fuels in the Scandria®Corridor

Workshop and Road Show in Berlin





Photos: © GL Berlin-Brandenburg

Upon invitation of the Joint Spatial Planning Department and the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, various stakeholders from the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg and representatives of the Baltic Sea Region along the Scandria®Corridor met on 27 November 2018 to discuss the use of clean fuels for sustainable transport and regional development.
Main outcomes of the discussions, featured by input from national and international experts have been:

  • Transport users have to encourage transport service providers to offer clean and innovative solutions.
  • All alternative types of fuels are justified. Connection across sectors needs to be strengthened (in particular linking transport and energy networks).
  • Looking at the north-south axis on the European scale the CNG/LNG sector is well developed. There is a decent range of filling stations that can easily be extended.
  • CNG/LNG is attractive for climate protection and energy efficiency but politically neglected. When talking about alternative fuels the whole cycle of production, use and waste disposal has to be considered.
  • There is too little consideration of alternative types of fuels in tenders, even though there are marketable and cost-effective solutions.
  • Local authorities need to be encouraged to use alternative types of fuels.
  • An extensive modal shift from road to rail has not yet been achieved. With regard to spatial planning it implies an effective coordination between settlement development and transport infrastructure development.

It can be concluded, that the clean fuel market needs to be activated even more. Multimodality with all types of transport and vehicles requires innovative fuels. The prerequisite for achieving the climate goals is a broad modal shift.The Scandria®Corridor needs consistent fuel supply chains. Improving local conditions between urban nodes and within the corridor should be a focus of the Scandria®Alliance. Offering innovative transport services for users of clean fuels implies the extension to the southern corridor section.





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